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Greeting from Princess
Thank you for coming to my homepage. I am a woman in her thirties. I live in Japan. I like Wacoal Corp. the lingerie ( underwear ) of Trefle in Japan.
I'd like to tell the pleasant feeling when lingerie of the highest class is put on the body to the fashionable woman. I recommend lingerie to be tried on before you buy expensive lingerie in Japan. Trying on lingerie with a fantastic sense might satisfy you.

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I would like to talk about lingerie of the highest quality.
It is really fantastic to have a feeling of happiness while being softly wrapped in lingerie of the highest quality. When I buy some lingerie I always care about whether my boyfriend likes it. I feel more than happy when he compliments me on the lingerie I am wearing saying gIt's really beautiful.h
Few women I believe know what size of lingerie fits them. If you are going to purchase some items at a lingerie shop I recommend you to consult a salesclerk and try them on. Then you will be thrown into ecstasies over Japanese lingerie.

My View of Lingerie
There are many Japanese who are very careful of their clothes and bags. However it seems that few of them also pay attention to their underwear and are willing to spend some amount of money on it. I think the Japanese may as well take much more interest in lingerie. It seems to me that there exists some difference in the view of lingerie between the men from Japan and those from European and American countries. Every man also has his own taste in lingerie for women. In Italy for example woman enjoys wearing lingerie to make herself looking nice even when she takes off her dress. However in Japan there is a proverb No man is foolish enough to give some more bait to the fish he caught which sounds to me offensive to hear. Then what is the significance of being careful of our own underwear? Showing a pretended blush with shame every woman wishes to show her lingerie to someone else or to make herself looked at while wearing lingerie by someone else. I think this is because we females are aware that lingerie may arouse a desire in a man who looks at it. Besides the colors and the forms various functions the comfortableness and the materials have also become the important factors of luxurious underwear today. Recently a variety of borderless fashions in which the difference between outerwear and lingerie is indefinite have also appeared. Lingerie is not intended to be shown to others but we contrive various ideas to smarten ourselves up with lingerie wishing to attract the eyes of others. I think it is because of our secret desire to show it to someone else or enjoy wearing it to be looked at by someone else.

Anyway thank you for coming to my home page. You should come again. Then. You become happy too
I'd like to ask you for me. I want the impression of my homepage in the following E-mail.

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I consider history of the underwear.
According to dictionaries underwear means a garment worn next to the skin and under other clothing mainly to keep warmth shape the body or enjoy personal adornment. Nowadays also in Japan it is natural to enjoy wearing lingerie and many a lingerie shop is prosperous in Tokyo and Yokohama. So this time I intend to make an inquiry into the history of underwear.

It has so far been reasoned that underwear had been necessary for sanitary reasons as well as to keep out the cold and above all to maintain good public morals when wearing such a garment as a low-necked dress. However reviewing the history it becomes clear that the opinions like this - the maintenance of public morals - are off the point because underwear had not been established until the latter half of the 19th century. The reason why underwear had not readily become popular is that just wearing underwear had rather been regarded as an act against public morals.

A Neat and Tidy Way of Keeping Lingerie
Of course I basically wash my lingerie by hand. So as not to spoil the lace I use a bath towel to absorb water from the washed lingerie and then adjust its shape before drying it. I have about six to eight pieces of lingerie of each type and wear them in rotation. I keep my underwear pajamas socks lingerie or the like in a smallish paulownia-wood chest of drawers that I purchased through mail order and have been using exclusively for such items of clothing. I assort them according to their types and keep them neatly in separate drawers. As to long gowns which I do not wear so often I have them cleaned by a laundry and put them in the cases in which they had been packed when purchased by me or presented to me by someone and usually keep them in a walk-in closet.

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This is new product of Trefle

Trefle--The Ideal of Beauty
It is lingerie rather than a dress that makes me feel gay and merry.
Even wearing a simple dress. I enjoy an adventurous feeling with lingerie.

I love lingerie!
Brassieres shorts slips and garter belts...
They are the fascinating items that make me feel like a princess.
I take great pleasure in choosing cute and sexy lingerie according to my own mood on important days.
Once I open the chest of drawers. where my favorite items of lingerie are kept neatly and tidy my heart starts going on a journey to another world.

The other day. I was invited to a wonderful party.
What a great uplift of spirit I felt just before going to the party!
A marvelous pleasant thrill went through me.
Caring about the dress cord and choosing accessories and a bag. I looked at my own image in the mirror which was transforming in a conspicuous way. What gives me confidence in myself is lingerie before anything else..... it is another luxury dress hidden under a dress.

Wearing Wacoal lingerie Trefle I feel as happy as happy.