Thank you for coming to my home page. I am a woman in her thirties. I live in Japan. I am very fond of “Trefle” a brand of lingerie of Wacoal Corp. in Japan. I would like to share the pleasure of enjoying wearing lingerie of the highest quality with you all who think a great deal of “looking-nice.” If once you try Japanese lingerie you will be fascinated with it.

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わたくしはワコール、 トレフルのランジェリー、が大好きな女性です。
このHPにて美しく、素晴らしい ランジェリーの魅力にご興味を抱いて下さいね。
尚、日本語のお話しは左のBBSと、I introduce myself in Japanese.の中に御座います、よろしくね!



↓↓↓の、Addressをクリックしてね!  Trefle春の新製品(☆New)を主に掲載します。

Because the Web site of My album will be closed soon I shift to Photohighway.

Collection of my photograph



Hello,my dear female friends throughout the world!! This website is aimed at introducing lingerie designed for Japanese women who are careful about the way they dress. I am fond of “Trefle” one of the brand names of Wacoal Corp. in Japan. If you find this website from your country you will surely be charmed by the attractiveness of Japanese lingerie.

The link below will take you to the website for the Trefle catalog a brand of Wacoal Corp.

Catalog of Trefle

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My name is ERI