Congeniality of Underwear and Dress
The reasons for selecting underwear vary, depending on the purpose. One of the purposes, however, is to make the figure of the person wearing clothes beautiful. One method considered to be suitable, based on my viewpoint, is to take clothes to a specialized underwear shop and seek the sales-womanfs opinion regarding the appropriate underwear for the clothing. When we go to a department store for consultations about the congeniality of underwear and clothes, in many cases underwear of a passable color or kind is typically recommended. For instance, the following underwear is considered to be most suitable for the clothes indicated below: namely, long bras for a china dress or a one-piece dress, short girdles for mini-skirts, and long girdles or tangas for tight skirts or pants. Also, moccasin brown underwear is said to be most suitable for white blouses. It may not be bad to stimulate stares from men to wear underwear similar to bare skin in color. Even so, I make it a point in my underwear selection practices to choose underwear that will display my charms to the utmost degree, and help impress my attractive points in the minds of other people. For instance, it is not always true that one has to wear black underwear with black dresses. It may be considerably elegant to choose underwear based on the same color system as that of the blouse or to show underwear having the same color as one of the various colors of the pattern on a dress, thereby showing that color through the dress intentionally. I also hope that you will enjoy the stylishness of underwear yourself through such vivid colors as green or blue, or color prints. In conclusion, I believe it is important for women to wear appropriate underwear for themselves, or to show their individuality, in order to make their figures more beautiful.

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What is fashionable of the underwear?
What is the essence of the pleasure of wearing fancy lingerie? As women were well aware that the sense of shame would rather stimulate the desire, they enjoyed the luxury of lingerie. Our common sense tells us that lingerie is not fundamentally a garment to be shown to others. However, women love to adorn themselves with lingerie, taxing their ingenuity in various ways. It is because, even in the case of lingerie, there always arises an interaction between those who look at and those to be looked at, that is, the influence of someone else's eyes.

I consider history of the underwear.
It has so far been reasoned that underwear had been necessary for sanitary reasons as well as to keep out the cold and above all to maintain good public morals when wearing such a garment as a low-necked dress. However reviewing the history it becomes clear that the opinions like this - the maintenance of public morals - are off the point because underwear had not been established until the latter half of the 19th century. The reason why underwear had not readily become popular is that just wearing underwear had rather been regarded as an act against public morals.